wedding music faqs

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the musicians and the music? 
We help you select the number of players to fit your budget, the particular instruments, and the specific repertoire that sets the mood you want for your event. 

Will the musicians perform special requests? 
Yes, we are happy to accommodate special requests arranged in advance. You may either provide sheet music, we can order it, or we can create a new custom arrangement.  

Do you play for events besides weddings?
Yes, we can provide music for dinners, receptions, private parties, and memorials.

Can you perform music for a non-traditional ceremony?
Yes, we are happy to provide music for any type of ceremony, religious, civil, or any creative event you have in mind. 

Will the musicians perform outdoors?   
Yes, provided there is shelter from rain, shade from hot sun, and the outside temperature is above 65 degrees. Outdoor events scheduled in May and October are strongly urged to have a heated, indoor venue available as a backup. This is where the adage "Plan for the worst, hope for the best." is particularly appropriate. You want to protect your guests from sweltering or freezing.  

Can I hear what your music sounds like? 
You can hear audio samples of the string quartet to get an idea of our sound and style. We can provide links to other performers' covers of music on YouTube to help you get familiar with the tunes in our repertoire. 

Will the same musicians on your recordings be at my event? 
Yes. In the unlikely case of a last minute change, we have carefully screened substitute players available to ensure that your event music goes smoothly.

What do the musicians wear?  
We offer a choice of formal tuxedos and fancy black concert dress; or less formal black and white prints for the ladies with white shirts and black slacks for the gents; or business attire. Let us know your preference and we'll dress to blend in appropriately.

Can Allegría perform with my friend who's a musician?  
Yes, provided it's arranged in advance and includes rehearsal time. As experienced professionals we are comfortable working with a variety of other musicians.   

Do the musicians need electricity?
No. We play acoustic instruments without amplification and don't need to plug in. We have battery powered music stand lights for venues that are dimly lit.

Is the style of music suitable for a cocktail party or dinner? 
Yes. In addition to the classical standards, we also have lighter classical music, rags, jazz, and pop tunes for a more relaxed feel. Your guests will especially appreciate being able to converse without shouting to be heard.

Will the musicians travel from one venue to another?  
Yes. We can perform for a wedding at one location, then move to a reception site elsewhere.  There may be a travel fee added depending on time and distance. 

Do the musicians attend the wedding rehearsal?
One musician can attend the rehearsal, but generally it's not required. We work with you to plan the music choices and cues in advance. We'll arrive a half hour early with a playlist ready to go.  With a cue from you that everyone is ready to begin, we follow your program. 

Can you provide references?
Yes, most happily. You can also see our reviews from Wedding Wire and  testimonials from our clients. 

Is there a charge for travel? 
Events within 15 miles of State College, PA are included in the basic price.  Events more than 15 miles from State College or requiring more than 30 minutes of travel time may have an additional fee.  

What is the fee to hire Allegria? 
Fees vary depending on the number of musicians, the length of time needed, and the distance required for travel. Additional services such as creating a new music arrangement and extra rehearsals also affect the fee.  See our prices for a general idea, or contact us for a custom quote. 

How do I hire the musicians for my event? 
First, contact us to see if we have your date available.  After discussing what you have in mind and answering any questions, you will receive a detailed written proposal which will include the total price for your event.  Return a signed copy of the agreement with your deposit to hold the date. Payment can be made either by personal check or over the phone with a credit or debit card.

What if I need to make changes? 
Call or email about the new details.  If they're minor, our email trail will suffice for a change notification.  If they're more significant and change the budget in a big way, we may want to redo the written agreement so everything is clear. 

What if my event is cancelled?

- If the cancellation is more than three months in advance, the date will be released with no fee. 

- Between three months and two weeks prior will be charged 50%.

- Less than two weeks prior will be charged the full fee.

- ​Note that the deposit is non-refundable.

Do you still have more questions?
​Contact us for more answers!